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GVCF is a platform dedicated to helping launch ecological & ethical vegan projects. We connect pioneering projects with their fund base: passionate folk who want to help transform the world for humans and other animals.

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Current Projects

Dairy Grazing Land Buyout
Cows walking across field with words Dairy Grazing Land Buyout

Vegan crowd funding

Global Vegan Crowd Fund (GVCF) is a crowd funding platform run by vegans for vegans to enable the change needed to create a compassionate, sustainable, ecological new narrative for how we grow and produce food, care for our earth and its complex, endangered biodiversity.

Global Vegan Crowd Funder is a not for profit organisation which will ‘support’ the funding of Veganic farms alongside Rewilding projects and other Vegan businesses and initiatives.

Our Mission

We cannot wait for Government incentives to transition farming and food production or for the protection of species and habitat. Saying NO is NOT Enough.

Global Vegan Crowd Funder are 100% committed to taking the next step towards creating the physical change required to move towards a more compassionate and sustainable future.

We Need Your Help

Help us move forward in transforming our planet and donating to ecological and vegan projects for the good of all living beings.

creating lasting change

Vegan Land Movement

Historic WIN at Auction!

Buying out this piece of animal agriculture land for rewilding means a transition from cruelty to diversity.

The land will in time become a haven for wildlife and biodiversity – giving the land back to the Earth in perpetuity.  This is the #VeganLandMovement.


Veganism Resources

We have collated a list of useful external resources on Veganism and the environment.


Latest News

nutritional health

Vegan Nutritional Advice

Providing the latest Nutritional research & advice from the experts in this field. Alongside this we will include links to growing food sustainably, ecologically & Veganically, linking to the Vegan Land Movement (VLM).


Find out about all the projects we are working hard to get funding for.


We are building a comprehensive listing of external resources on veganism, the environment are more…


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