Dairy Grazing Land Buyout – Plot No. 2

We did it again!

On the 8th of December 2021, the Vegan Land Movement CIC entered another land auction with the funds donated on GVCF throughout November and WON 6.8 acres of ex-dairy grazing land in Somerset.

We started this fundraiser with a springboard of £3,500 that had accrued from subscriptions to the VLM and a few one-off donations. After just two weeks we had reached £15,000 and then we received a large donation of £5,000 and the promise of another £5,000 as a donation match from a separate generous donor when we reached £25,000. Our target was £35,000 and we reached that in another week with the help of our amazing supporters.

We sadly lost the first plot we went for in late November, but already had this next 6.8 acres of land in sight. We received further donations and on the 8th of December we won this parcel of land for £44,000 at auction.

Plot of ex-dairy land

This land is now being given back to the earth and endangered species in perpetuity.

Thank you to all who donated. You have done something really amazing in helping take nearly 7 acres of land from animal agriculture and returning it to endangered wildlife.

This plot is ideal for rewilding. Each small parcel of land such as this is a perfect way to showcase the possibilities of reclaiming land that has been laid waste by animal agriculture. Our aim is to harness the enormous potential of collective vegan land buyouts and in the future, linking many of these reclaimed parcels of land together via wildlife corridors.

Along with ecological expert’s local to the area, we will sensitively help this land regenerate and create a natural wet woodland habitat. This will be a research site for what can be achieved. We aim to document and record species returning to this parcel of land and create information that can be shared with other similar initiatives to inspire more compassionate rewilding practices.

We are heading to this site at the end of January to plant some wet woodland native tree saplings with a team of volunteers and conservation experts.

Map showing plot of ex-dairy land to be rewilded