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Welcome to the home of Global Vegan Crowd Funder a crowdfunding platform with a difference!

A foreward by Sarah…

In the winter of 2018, a fellow vegan contacted me through Twitter to ask if I’d like to join a group of progressive, solutions-focused vegans in setting up an exciting new project. A project with aims to heal the world and make it a better place for its inhabitants; who could resist?! I agreed and was soon introduced to some truly inspirational people, and then, the work began.

At the time, I didn’t know what, if anything, I could offer this project but I threw myself in headfirst into online courses and soon the work that people had been doing behind the scenes found a home online.

Starting a new venture isn’t easy and when the stakes are this high, we knew we had to get it right! We spoke with members of the community, ran focus groups and user experiences and attended conferences and seminars. We read the latest reports and we followed international news!

Now we’re here, the real work begins; encouraging our diverse multi-talented community to come together, to bring their ideas, projects and initiatives to the table and flood the market with sustainable, ecological and ethical businesses.

To aid this, we present to you a dedicated site for launching vegan initiatives, as well as a place for sharing and promoting the vegan lifestyle. With specialised pages for the latest news and research, a health and nutrition area and a whole section dedicated to veganic farming under our World Wide Veganics banner, we want to be a one-stop-shop for all your vegan needs.

Global Vegan Crowd Funder (GVCF), is a crowdfunding platform run by vegans for vegans to generate the change needed to create a compassionate, sustainable, ecological new narrative for how we grow and produce food and care for our earth and its complex, endangered biodiversity.

GVCF is a not-for-profit organisation, which will enable the funding of Veganic farms alongside Rewilding projects and other Vegan businesses for the benefit of the global community.  Our Customer Code of Ethics/ Project Vetting Procedure will enable us to ensure the projects we promote are transparent, ethical and feasible.

Worldwide Veganics, (WWV), a subsidiary of GVCF will be designated to grass-root change of land use, funding existing projects and the transition from Animal Agriculture to Veganic Agriculture together with rewilding initiatives using funds generated through charging a fee percentage on all donations, to all projects.

GVCF is the brainchild of our director Gina who, realising that the earth and all its inhabitants are under threat, reached out to and created a cooperative of passionate vegans to affect change.

GVCF will be a virtual business, in the beginning, run remotely from dual locations across the U.K.   In line with our WWV ethos, we aim to bring GVCF to a U.K. base that will sit within an educational site where we can offer a range of additional services and experiences such as accredited short courses.

We can’t do this alone, please join us; let’s change the world!

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