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What is a Pigoneer?

A Pigoneer is someone who sees the enormity of what Beneath the Wood Sanctuary has done in rescuing these 91 pigs.

We need 2000 Pigoneers to donate just £2.50 a month, every month. That way Beneath the Wood Sanctuary will always know the food bill and other piggy costs are taken care of and no longer have to worry about it.

As many people know Beneath the Wood Sanctuary rescued #53Pigs who then gave birth to the #53Piglets resulting in 91 rescued pigs from an horrific farm and illegal slaughter house.

To look after all these pigs requires a lot of work and a lot of feed.

The work load is huge because pigs unlike ruminants require specific food and care.

The piglets are now grown and each pig weighs up to half a tonne and costs £1.80 a day to feed. This does not sound much but equates to almost £5500 a month when there are 91 of them.

As you will see we are trying to raise this feed every week through our Feeding 91 Rescued Piggies Project.

But this is very stressful, because we never know how successful we will be, so we have created the Pigoneer feed Club.

How this works

We will continue to run the weekly food fundraise but, as Pigoneers join the club, more of the money to feed the pigs is guaranteed the weekly fundraise will diminish. For example if there were 1000 Pigoneers the feed total on the weekly fundraise would halve and become £500 a week. So each week we will see the weekly fundraise diminish as the number of Pigoneers increases. 

Eventually and as soon as possible there will be no need for the weekly fundraise because the 2000 pigoneers will have this covered for the rest of the 91 pigs lives.

A pigoneer donates just £2.50 each month and can also try to help enrol other Pigoneers to ensure the feeding and caring of all these piggies

Sasha at Beneath the Wood Sanctuary works on average 18 hours a day looking after all these pigs and the other sanctuary residents. Knowing that the feed each week is covered means that she can concentrate on what she does best, caring for all these pigs and to no longer have to worry about trying to raise funds for their feed. We think the pigs deserve to live long and happy lives and we think that Sasha deserves some help, we would like to think enough people agree and step up to become pigoneers.

91 pigs saved from doom
Now have a barn with plenty of room
Bales of hay
For them to lay
At night when they sleep safe and sound
Those piggies have found
That two meals a day
Is the best way to keep hunger at bay
So let’s all donate just two pounds fifty
And feed the pigs, wouldn’t that be nifty?