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Why Veganism?

Within this area of this website we aim to address some of the reasons why we as a species have ended up creating a world that has become so destructive, governed by greed, consumerism and within a backdrop of relentless war and suffering.

Many of us are aware of the accumulating negative effects that our species is having on the entire biosphere and all other life. Many feel hopeless and helpless in facing these problems and feel ‘what difference can I make?’. At the same time most of us don’t want to even know, prefer to carry on with business as usual and walk blindly toward the abyss.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

The media and advertising drums into us daily on a relentless loop that acquisition is a necessity of existence and economic growth will one day deliver us to some nirvana where we feel content. This constant barrage is coupled by all leading Science saying that we only have 12 years to halt catastrophic climate breakdown and 10 years to save earths species unless we change our behaviour. This dichotomy further enforces confusion because if the latter is true why isn’t anyone doing anything?

This is how the system works. There is a void in the modern human that needs constant gratification and to meet that end we have made the earth into a multi product producing megastore. Everything has become a commodity including life itself.

We have taken many of the earths beautiful species and turned them into daily products resulting in the selective mass breeding and cruel incarceration of up to 100 billion land animals every year. Alongside this we are draining our oceans of its life while we continue to fill it with millions of tones of human toxic waste products. 

There are not many parts of the Earth’s larger ecosystem that have not been contaminated and altered by the hands of our species.

How do we look at ourselves and rewrite the ending to this unfolding apocalyptic story?

What do we need to do as individuals to make that change happen, can we fill the afore mentioned void with something other than acquisition and what could we fill it with instead? 

For that we must surely begin the journey of looking at why we have got to this point in the first place. Is it a foregone conclusion that the human species will wipe its self out taking all other life with it?

We say let’s say NO to that. Let’s hang onto one of the biggest human traits that we have as a species and this is the feeling of hope.

So here at Global Vegan Crowd Funder we are full of hope and we are creating a vast library to help educate us all towards creating a new system that nourishes our earth and ourselves.

The education part of this Library will be divided into two… On one side there is all research to enable people to educate themselves with all the known scientific peer reviewed facts and predictions and on the other side is how we use this information to educate others. We will develop and link to workshops and further education to enable us as individuals to act and change within the knowledge of the latest research so that we no longer move through life just accepting the fate of our earth. We must unite and create change from the bottom up and realise we all can make a difference.

We invite you to have a look around at our library so far.

Why Are We Here?

What went wrong with our view of reality?

Where do we draw the line in reality and why do we perceive it in the way that we do? 

In a modern world where seemingly anything goes and where ‘fake news’ has been used as a platform to justify behaviour, we surely must question what brought us to this point.

Humans have traversed thousands of years of entrenched beliefs. There are schools of thought that take us back to the division in ancient Greece to 3000 years ago and one of the early ways of looking at reality. To Heraclitus who’s ideas were ignored and not understood. He believed that the world was in a constant state of flux. The fundamental principle of the world isn’t substance, but rather the principle that everything changes. He saw all things as one and that there are many things (plurality) and there is but one thing (unity). He identifies fire and water as a symbol here of constant change as within ourselves and the entire physical world. His theory brought about the idea of ‘Power With’.

“The content of your character is your choice.  Day be day, what you choose, what you think and what you do is who you become” – Heraclitus

Sadly Heraclitus was perceived as mad and ended up living as a recluse. It is believed by some that he was an early vegan.

Unfortunately in opposition to Heraclitus was the philosopher Parmenides and his way of viewing and perceiving reality was perceived as true. He was known for discussing the concept of being. What exists and what does not exist.

What can be seen and measured is all there is. “What is, is and we cannot say about that which does not exist, because it is nothing”.

He was completely opposed to the existence of energy flow and interconnectivity. He also greatly denied the possibility of change because how can something become something else when things are whatever they are and are not whatever they are not. He said that change was an illusion and that the senses could not be trusted. His premise was ‘Power Over’ and that all entities were there to be used and exploited. Even more sadly this way of looking at reality prevailed.

Back in the present day, bearing this in mind its easy to see why we live in an enormous Industrial Growth Society, why we plunder and pollute and literally have power over everything as well as each other. We have become grossly disconnected from all other life and therefore no longer see it.

“In every walk in nature, one receives far more than one seeks”

John Muir

So you may be asking… What has this to do with a Vegan Crowd Funding platform?

You may on the other hand be pondering here… that we really need to change the dominant world view.

What we would like to do within the Education and Research sections of our humble idea is to create an area whereby we learn to walk a new path. A path away from all of the known harmful human traits to a place where we can for once tread lightly on our fragile earth, respecting all of life and maybe a path not dissimilar to poor old Heraclitus of 3000 years ago.

It’s time for a new education and one that’s based on a complete respect and understanding of ecology, the current leading science and more importantly a true alignment of ourselves and the rest of life. 

"The Earth is what we all have in common."

Wendell Berry


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