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Within this area of this website, we aim to address some of the reasons why we, as a species, have ended up creating a world that has become so destructive, governed by greed and consumerism and is set against a backdrop of relentless war and suffering.

Many of us are aware of the accumulating negative effects that our species is having on the entire biosphere and all other life. Many more feel hopeless and helpless in facing these problems and feel ‘what difference can I make?’. At the same time, there are a lot of us that don’t want to know, who prefer to carry on with business as usual and unknowingly walk blindly toward the abyss.

The media and advertising drums into us daily, on a relentless loop, that acquisition is a necessity of existence and economic growth will one day deliver us to some nirvana where we feel content. This constant barrage is, however, countered by leading science saying that we only have 12 years to halt catastrophic climate breakdown and 10 years to save the earth’s species, unless we change our behaviour. This dichotomy further enforces confusion because if the latter is true why isn’t anyone doing anything?

This is how the system works. There is a void in the modern human that needs constant gratification and to meet that end we have made the earth into a multi-product producing megastore. Everything has become a commodity, including life itself.

We have taken many of the earth’s beautiful species and turned them into daily products, resulting in the selective mass breeding and cruel incarceration of up to 100billion land animals every year. Alongside this, we are draining our oceans of its life while we continue to fill it with millions of tonnes of human toxic waste products.

There are not many parts of the Earth’s larger ecosystem that have not been contaminated and altered by the hands of our species. With this in mind, we need to ask…

How do we look at ourselves and rewrite the ending to this unfolding, apocalyptic story?

What do we need to do as individuals to make that change happen?

Can we fill the aforementioned void with something other than acquisition and what could we fill it with instead?

For that, we must surely begin the journey of looking at why we have got to this point in the first place ask the most important question of them all;

Is it a foregone conclusion that the human species will wipe its self out, taking all other life with it?

We say NO to that. Let’s hang onto one of the best human traits that we have as a species; hope!

Here at Global Vegan Crowd Funder, we are full of hope and to that end, we are creating a vast library of resources to help educate us all towards creating a new way of living, within new systems that nourish our earth and ourselves.

The Library will be divided into sections with headers grouping research, reports and opinion pieces from journalists, activists, scientists and popular commentators into focal points such as Activism, Land Use and Health and Nutrition. This library will be updated regularly to include the latest research and statistics.

Ultimately, we intend to develop workshops and courses that will link to further education so that we no longer move through life just accepting the fate of our earth, but are enabled to make a positive change to improve it and the lives of all its inhabitants.

We must unite and create change from the bottom up and realise we all can make a difference!

We invite you to have a look around at our library so far; if you would like to contribute, please use the ‘submit a post’ button below.