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The Vegan Land Movement CIC is a collective of like minded people that work as a holistic group to create ideas and solutions that will affect a change in outdated farming practices, conservation and land use based on vegan principles. It focuses on non violence in the use of all land to veganically grow food, create compassionate conservation, wildlife and farm animal sanctuaries with a heightened level of awareness of complex ecological systems, non violence to all species within that system and working with nature rather than against it.

We aim to bring people together to work and solve the mounting problems we, the earth and all life forms face. It is a completely altruistic vision dedicated to enabling others to transform away from all practices that damage any part of the biosphere and exploitation of any non human animal species, wild spaces, biodiversity and habitat.


Therefore, in all land-dedications and combinations, we acknowledge the complexity of ecological communities, working with, rather than against nature and adopting a strict code of nonviolence towards all the species and individuals who make up those communities.


We are devoted to enabling us to transcend from farming practices and consumption patterns that exploit nonhuman life, lay waste to ecologically rich habitats, damage our climate and make the world a far less hospitable place for all animals, including us. The solution we offer is a new way of thinking and doing. The VLM CIC embodies a reverence for life, all life; from this precept we aim to transform and repair land previously used to farm animals to become oases and an abundance of life and biodiversity.

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