Vegan Books for Schools

Vegan Books for Scheools

Animal Justice Project is excited to announce that we have joined forces with a Vegan Superhero in our mission to free animals from human exploitation!

The Mission

To launch this crowd funder we have teamed up with ‘Vivi the Supervegan’, the creation of talented author Tina Newman.

‘Vivi the Supervegan’ is a beautifully written children’s story with a powerful message of compassion and kindness. We want Vivi to be our ambassador in the quest to get vegan voices heard and listened to in schools across the UK.

Children are intelligent, inherently compassionate, and born with kindness and empathy. Let’s keep them that way, by educating them before the abuse and exploitation of animals is normalised into their daily lives. We want to help them to challenge the mistruths that animal agriculture industries peddle day after day. Children are powerful advocates for change, let’s amplify their voice!

The Plan

It’s a simple plan. We want to crowd fund to raise enough money to be able to gift this fabulous book to 100 nurseries and primary schools across the UK. The more money we raise, the more books we can donate, and the more children we can reach out to.

What you can do

Donate! Every penny raised will contribute towards gifting ‘Vivi the Supervegan’ children’s books into Early Years settings and primary schools the UK. If you wish, you can even recommend which school you wish to gift your book(s) to as well, by simply emailing the details to!

What we will do

For every £7.50 raised, we will supply, package, post, and gift a ‘Vivi the Supervegan’ book to an EYFS or primary school in the UK. The gifted book will also be accompanied by a KS1, Year 1 Teaching and Learning support package from our other partner in this campaign, ‘Primary Veducation’, founded by Laura Chepner.  The support that Laura is able to offer is groundbreaking and will be a valuable resource for teachers and pupils alike!

We will leave you with a quote from Dr. Jane Goodall, a trailblazer for animals and the environment:

“You aren’t going to save the world on your own. But you might inspire a generation of kids to save it for all of us. You would be amazed at what inspired children can do.”

Let’s inspire!

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