Mud Control Slabs

Muddy pig with words Mud Control Slabs Fundraiser

Mud Control Slabs

We are raising funds for much needed Mud Control Slabs for Beneath the Wood Sanctuary.

We all know that pigs love wallowing in mud but did you know that they can turn an acre field into a foot deep muddy soup within just a few weeks.

They root around turning the soil over until it becomes a muddy porridge.

But there is a tipping point in this process where they end up struggling to move around as there are no hard standing areas left. This can be detrimental and cause the pigs to have leg injuries, foot rot and also suffer from being cold in winter months. They also drag this quagmire into their shelters and beds, soaking the bedding and making their cosy nests wet, cold and muddy.

The answer to this problem especially when you have 91 rescued piggies are Mud Control Slabs

Mud Control Slabs

These robust heavy duty plastic slabs made from recycled domestic waste lock together forming a hard surface that cannot be turned into mud soup. So large dry areas can be made to keep them off the mud when it’s wet and allowing them to have a solid dry base in and around their shelters. This will stop the fields getting so damaged and also give them time to recover which can only be done without the pigs on them.

This means that the pigs have a hard standing where they can move freely and exercise better. It also means that caring for them becomes easier too. We may have all experienced a welly stuck in deep mud and it’s not nice especially when carrying half a 100 weight of pig feed.

Pig walking over mud control slabs
Mud Control Slabs laid out

We need to raise enough funds for 426 of these slabs for this first phase and they work out at £10 each including delivery.

Please donate a slab or part of a slab and help us control the mud at Beneath The Wood Sanctuary.

Well stuck in mud

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