Tree Planting at Earlake Moor

Earlake Moor tree planting on ex-dairy grazing land

On the 12th and 13th of October 2021, the VLM made history by planting native tree saplings on the piece of dairy grazing land in Somerset that we bought last September at auction.

The key below shows the species of trees that were planted at Earlake Moor.

Map and key of Earlake Moor
Why do we buy ex-grazing land and why here?

Somerset is well known for its dairy production and in particular its cheese.

This county’s landscape is therefore a monoculture patchwork, predominantly centred around cattle farming.

The picture below shows the extent of land abuse in this area.  Last week came the announcement that we only have 50% of our natural biodiversity left and you can see why in this image below, showing the plot we bought surrounded by monoculture land, depleted of wildlife habitats and natural biodiversity.

Location of land at Earlake Moor

As vegans it is imperative that we come together to affect grass roots change like this and to see that animal suffering is not only experienced by those animals who are farmed and exploited, but also by those who have lost their habitat and who face extinction. Here are just some of the species currently on the UK Red List: G


Extinction is forever…

The land at Earlake Moor was the first of two land buyouts in Somerset that we are giving back to the earth to help create the change that is desperately needed, if we have any chance of saving species and changing this destructive system.

Sara Eloquin, Gina Bates, Dave Groves and Tim Bailey, (an environmental scientist who will soon hopefully be joining the VLM) planted over 200 trees at Earlake Moor. We will all be heading back there in late January to plant more native species.

Dog looking at recently planted sapling
Sapling planted in field
Tim planting tree
Sarah planting tree
Gina holding a sapling
Trees in van
Second land buyout!

Yes, we did it again! On the 8th of December 2021, the Vegan Land Movement CIC entered another land auction with the funds donated on GVCF and won another 6.8 acres of ex-dairy grazing land in Somerset.

Read about this latest buyout.