Winter Shelter for the #53pigs

A winter barn is built for a total of 91 rescued pigs

In December 2019, Beneath the Wood Sanctuary rescued 53 pigs from a hellhole pig farm and an illegal slaughter house. After rescuing, many of these pigs started to have piglets, resulting in 91 pigs in total. Pigs are sensitive to cold weather, so a shelter was needed to keep them warm in bad weather and through the winter. We at GVCF offered to help Sasha Bennett at the Sanctuary and launched the Urgent Winter Shelter Fundraise campaign in May 2020.  Below are some of the stages of construction that happened in December


The global vegan Community stepped up and in style and we had donations from all over the world

By early November 2020 we were nearing the target for the barn frame and the steel structure could be ordered.

We then had to fundraise for the floor. The weather was starting to change so the pressure was on. Then a miracle happened. On the 24th of November we were contacted by an incredible woman in America who pledged a donation match of all donations up to £5000. 

We campaigned every day and on the 5th of December the donation match was made and this wonderful woman transferred the funds.

This is the power of the vegan community.  Coming together to protect the animals we fight for every day.

We thank every person who supported, helped the campaign and made this incredible build possible. All these pigs now have a beautiful shelter to live out there 15 plus years in comfort and warmth.