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Help buyout land from animal agriculture, give it back to our earth and its endangered species. Every part of your subscription will be used for just that. We will update the running total in the members area so that we can all see just how much we have to purchase parcels of land. Each plot of land will be held within the Vegan Land Movement CIC and protected by the Vegan Land Movement Constitution in perpetuity, never to be used to exploit sentient beings ever again and for the land itself to recover and regenerate.  

As a member, you will get access to member’s only content and see how your donations are helping us to work towards correcting the damage that has been done to our planet. 

Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel your monthly donation, then please update your PayPal account or email us with the date you wish to cease your donations from. Please allow 5 working days to activate this request.
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