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About our initiative by Green Grow 

Mycology is possibly the least understood area of the natural world that offers benefits to humanity. By working with mycelium, we can develop a whole new approach to providing for people that doesn’t exploit the life out of every living thing we come across like we own them, the whole Earth included.

We are working with species that can contribute to plant-based proteins, avoiding the enormously destructive and cruel world of rearing animals for food and the huge costs that creates. We are working with species that can replace plastics with materials that can last for years and are light, anti-flammable, anti-bacterial and waterproof. In fact, it causes even more ill health than it cures according to some.

Along with With The Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, part of Aberdeen University, your help can further develop our range of vegan meals to optimise the health benefits they bring to our customers. Protein for people who won’t take the life of another creature for the sake of a meal.

With The Glasgow School of Art Institute of Design Innovation, we are exploring the use of mycelium as material for new products that are designed to be ecologically sound. We are filling their students heads with crazy ideas of a positive future that actually has a chance of existing. The only thing we encourage them to throw away are the ideas that has brought the planet to the edge of catastrophe.

And while we do this, we take these examples and the principles they use and dare other companies to step up to the nexus of challenges humanity faces. We’re not shy about them either. Time is short. It’s only people like us, like you, that stand for the future that needs to be created. The mainstream doesn’t get it yet, but they are starting to now that the fires are raging and the floods are at their gates. The banks still look at us like the wild eyed visionaries we actually are, and are proud to be. And are increasingly being recognised as such.

But…it takes money. Money for trials, for materials, to pay for testing of products and their nutritional qualities. We’ve already put everything we have into this, and more. And we won’t stop until we drop. What other choice is there? Accepting that we can’t save the future because we can’t afford it? Please check out our website for more information and know this…every contribution goes to this work. We’re trying to raise £6000 to get our recipes analysed to be sure they are doing what’s intended for people, and to work to expand the range of ingredients to include other plants such as hemp and buckwheat. The more funding we can raise the more we can develop.


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