Worldwide Veganics

Welcome to World Wide Veganics

Worldwide Veganics is a cooperative of like-minded people who recognise that how we, (as a species), farm, how we treat the environment & how we treat non-human animals, is killing the planet which supports us.

We are aiming to share ideas and create solutions, based on vegan principles, to effect a positive change in farming practices and land use, in ways which work harmoniously with nature, rather than against it.

Worldwide Veganics recognises that we, as humans, have treated the Earth and the other species we share it with, in exploitative and destructive ways which are ultimately leading to the demise of the planet which supports us all.

Our focus is on non-violent and respectful use of land to grow food in ways which support, nurtures and enables the life of all living beings, and the ecosystems upon which they depend, to thrive. It is about living in balance with nature, not fighting against it.

The mission of Worldwide Veganics is to create tangible change to the way we sustain our lives, from a grass roots level. Whilst protest and direct actions are vital tools in raising awareness of the very real threats to our planet, from climate change and the impact of current globalised economic and industrial systems, we must develop, support and promote systems of food production and land use that are the least harmful and which stand as successful examples to effect change, ultimately on a grand scale.

Our vision is altruistic, holistic and dedicated to enabling the transformation away from damaging and destructive practices and mindsets and towards creating societies that avoid damage, discrimination, disadvantage and exploitation of both human and non-human animal species. It values and encourages action towards protecting and enabling wild spaces to grow, natural habitats to thrive and to secure the biodiversity on which our planet depends.

Worldwide Veganics aims to bring people together to find ways to solve the mounting problems our agricultural systems have bestowed on environments across the globe and to help address the often devastating impacts these have had on communities and other species we share our planet with.

Our greatest challenge is the transition away from animal agriculture and towards plant-based food production including, importantly, high-quality protein crops. The cultures, mindsets, political and economic structures that support animal agriculture are deeply entrenched. A shift away, for example, from the production of plant protein crops, predominantly for the animal agriculture industry and instead directing production towards human consumption as the primary goal, will require both an increase in consumer demand as well as a change to economic and policy systems to support the wider transition. It will require a different way of doing things.

We believe the time is right for change to come from the ‘bottom up’; from like-minded people who want to drive that change!

Through the Global Vegan Crowdfunder platform, we will be able to generate the funds from the global vegan community, from successful projects & other donations, to provide funds for specific projects. These projects will be individual, unique & fully supported to the level each individual requires.

We can assist with or completely organise…

  • Potential land or farms for sale
  • funds to purchase that land
  • funds to enable the transformation of that land into Veganic agriculture
  • the developing of Logistics & infrastructure

We are also developing a resource system for education and research (including practical and evidence-based practice) to help facilitate the development of new Veganic enterprises and the transition from existing animal agriculture towards purely plant-based Veganic farms.

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