Vegan Land Movement Trust (VLM)

The Vegan Land Movement Trust is a collective of like minded people that work as a holistic group to create ideas and solutions that will affect a change in outdated farming practices, conservation and land use based on vegan principles. It focuses on non violence in the use of all land to veganically grow food, create compassionate conservation, wildlife and farm animal sanctuaries with a heightened level of awareness of complex ecological systems, non violence to all species within that system and working with nature rather than against it.

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We aim to bring people together to work and solve the mounting problems we, the earth and all life forms face. It is a completely altruistic vision dedicated to enabling others to transform away from all practices that damage any part of the biosphere and exploitation of any non human animal species, wild spaces, biodiversity and habitat.

VLM philosophy is about creating ‘real change’ and how we materialise that change on the ground.

Whilst protest and NV direct action are vital tools in raising awareness of the very real threats to our planet, from climate breakdown and the impact of current globalised, infinite industrial growth systems, we must develop, support and promote systems of food production and land use that are the least harmful to stand as successful examples of how to effect real change, ultimately on a large scale.

Our vision is completely altruistic, holistic, biocentric and dedicated to enabling the transformation away from damaging destructive practices and mindsets towards creating societies that avoid damage, discrimination, disadvantage and exploitation of both human, non-human animal species and ecosystems.

The Weight of Animals

The VLM values and encourages action towards compassionate conservation, protecting and enabling wild spaces, natural habitats to thrive and to secure the biodiversity on which our planet depends.

Our greatest challenge is the transition away from animal agriculture towards a plant-based food system, including high quality veganically grown protein crops. The cultures, mindsets, political and economic structures that support animal agriculture are deeply entrenched.

Broiler to Lettuce

A shift away, for example, from the production of plant protein crops, predominantly grown for the animal agriculture industry towards production for human consumption as the primary goal, will require both an increase in human demand as well as a change to economic and policy systems to support a wider transition.

We have to change and the time to change is right now and this has to come from the bottom up from like minded people that want to drive that change.

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How does it work?

We are creating a working network of specialists in Veganic farming, Compassionate conservation and sanctuaries.

Through the Global Vegan Crowd Funder platform we will crowd fund the purchase of land. We will then assess that land and come to a collective decision what that land is best used for. For example: Is this land in an area where a particular species is struggling, can we help save that species by rewilding this land and in creating rewilding corridor. Or does this land lend itself more to Veganic plant protein production or a sanctuary. Every parcel of land or farm will go through the same assessment to ascertain the individual qualities and requirements of that land in order to create a new system of land renewal, repurpose and regeneration. We will generate the funds from the global vegan community, from successful projects and other donations to provide funding for specific projects. These projects will be individual, unique and fully supported by the vegan community to insure success and longevity.

How does a farm transition from animal agriculture to plant protein production?

One of the biggest questions we are asked over and over is HOW? How when so much is entrenched in such a quagmire of red tape, archaic thinking and subsidised systems run by mass industry and corporation.

We are developing a resource system of educational research to help those that work with land to transition to Veganic farming and Rewilding at a local and global level.

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Under the VLM the land would be placed into The Vegan Land Movement Trust and VLM would undertake to transition the land to whichever purpose our experts felt was best, through a process of analysis and experience. Land which was brought to GVCF for transitioning by an existing owner or owners could

  • a. continue to be owned by those parties
  • b. be transferred wholly to the stewardship of the VLM
  • c. Be purchased by the VLM through vegan community Crowd funding.

Under both b & c above all decisions relating to future use of that land would be the responsibility and prerogative of the VLM

Under a above the decision making would be a joint enterprise between VLM and the owners of the land. In this case we would undertake to

  • Offer expertise, advice and assistance with transitioning the land
  • Assist with funding for the transitioning
  • Provide where possible plants,[seeds, and other necessary equipment of suitable types for the land and location
  • provide materials as required to ensure, as far as is possible, success of the venture, such as fencing, storage, housing both human and non, etc.
  • Develop logistics and infrastructure as well as contacts for sale of produce etc.

Who owns the Land?

Any land that is bought through Global Vegan Crowd Funder and under the Vegan Land Movement Movement Trust Umbrella will be placed within the Vegan Land Movement Trust

Each unique project will go towards creating a catalogue of accessible models to be replicated in each region. Learning along the way of what works and what doesn’t as we slowly transform our world to a sustainable, plant protein, ecological farming network.

Within our practice we utilize the premise of Systems Theory whereby we create as far as possible functioning ecological food producing systems with little or no input from outside of the system. ‘The whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts’ and by working together we can create a synergistic holistic approach thus ending the exploitative, destructive, polluting farming systems that are adding to species loss, climate breakdown, ecological collapse and extreme cruelty.

A system where abundance is increased along with biodiversity.