Vegan Land Movement CIC Dairy Land Buyout 5

Dairy Grazing Land Buyout
Dairy Land Buyout 5 


Please Note: Donations and Subscriptions that have been received since Dairy Land Buyout 4 have been added to this new fundraise

Several acres of dairy grazing land are up for sale, right in the heart of dairy farming country and the VLM would like your help to give it back to nature.

We know that times are hard and that humans (and non-humans alike) face an unknown future. There are several ways we can deal with this. We can fret in despair and hunker down, preparing for the worst or we can keep going regardless and try and change the system that is killing life on earth. We know that there are many of us who care, and for the sake of the earth and all vulnerable species, we must never give up.

Wildlife has been under constant attack by humans for hundreds of years and humans continue to treat the biosphere with a complete disregard for other species. We are threatening the very fabric of life and not just our own existence, but all creatures we share the planet with. The assault on wildlife has been and remains relentless. We don’t necessarily see when displaced animals perish from insufficient food due to habitat loss, but it happens daily. We only find out how bad the situation has become for them when we hear that another UK species is now on the endangered list.

Every parcel of animal agricultural land we can help save and give back to LIFE and NATURE, is crucial to the survival of wildlife species in decline, plus ensuring that the land will never again be used for the cruelty of dairy farming. Without dairy grazing, the land can also recover with no more toxic animal waste run-off polluting the water and soil, affecting the local plant and animal species.

We can affect change when we unite together to mitigate against the ever-increasing destruction of our planet, as well as the destruction of the creatures we share it with.
Please help us win this plot of land for nature.

The VLM are on a serious mission to save land and species. This has never been more important, or urgent, with UK’s biodiversity down by nearly 50% and particularly in light of recent talks at COP26 in Glasgow:

“Nature is a key ally. Wherever we restore the wild, it will capture carbon and help us bring back balance to our planet.”

Sir David Attenborough, speaking at COP26

The Vegan Land Movement CIC (VLM) was established to acquire land, especially that which has been previously used for animal agriculture and to repurpose it for the benefit of local ecosystems and its inhabitants. We buy monoculture grazing land and through rewilding, transform depleted fields into vibrant, biodiverse landscapes – effectively giving the land back to the Earth.

We believe that transforming the land is a powerful response to many of our urgent crises: climate change; biodiversity loss; disconnection from nature and animal exploitation. The Vegan Land Movement CIC (VLM) is premised on non-violent land use and includes veganic farming, such as community orchards, as well as compassionate conservation and rewilding.

We recently planted over 300 tree saplings on our first piece of purchased ex-grazing land in Somerset.

We Then Bought Out The 2nd Parcel of Land

On the 8th of December 2021, the Vegan Land Movement CIC entered another land auction with the funds donated on GVCF throughout November and WON 6.8 acres of ex-dairy grazing land in Somerset.

Blocking a Chicken Unit was the 3rd Fundraise

At the start of 2022 a 3rd parcel of grazing land came to our attention with Planning Permission for a Chicken Unit attached. We had to run this campaign by stealth.  Read about our monumental 3rd buyout.

You can also subscribe to the VLM here where we are also accruing funds to add to each buyout.

Thank you for your support, from all the Volunteers at the VLM.

Terms and Conditions

In all cases if we are unsuccessful, either by being outbid or by not raising enough funds, then all the money raised will not be refunded, but simply put towards another patch of land within our price range, as soon as possible. There is no ‘lose’ scenario here, just a win for the earth and its inhabitants.

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