VLM Species Counts

The Vegan Land Movement has some wonderful news.

Butterfly on yellow flower

In August 2022 several of the VLM volunteers visited all 4 of the parcels of land that have been removed from dairy grazing.

The main objective was to record the species that have returned to the first parcel of land removed in September 2020.

We all travelled to the site with some quadrats (A quadrat is a frame, traditionally square, used in ecology & biology to isolate an area for study, this is repeated over a site to ascertain the percentage & distribution of species) plant and insect apps and identification booklets to cross reference the species we found.

Clipboards with sampling sheets

We were all overwhelmed when we arrived at the first parcel of land because biodiversity had moved back in in abundance. The land was buzzing with life and so very different from the grazing field next door.

Green field with vegetation
Entrance to field

We actually had some difficulty in using the quadrats on this parcel of land as the vegetation was waist high across the entire field.

We recorded and photographed just a fraction of the life that had returned and here is a link to a spreadsheet of some of the species that we saw and recorded. 

Below is a collection of some of these photos and the beautiful creatures and plants who have made this parcel of land their safe home for life.

Selection of species

All four sites removed from dairy grazing were in various stages of rewilding. New native tree saplings had also started to grow alongside the many native saplings we planted in 2021.

There is no amount of words to describe the beauty of seeing all these creatures return. We even saw a weasel who had moved onto the land where we all blocked the chicken unit being build. Seeing a persecuted animal called ‘vermin’ by farmers, move onto VLM land was rather magical.

Approximately 500 wonderful people have removed these 4 plots of land with their donations and subscriptions. What could we do and how many species could we save with 5000 or 50,000 of us?

Thank you to all of you for saving the lives we have all saved so far.

If you would like to join us again in raising funds for the 5th area of land to be taken from animal agriculture then you can do so by donating to our Dairy Land Buyout Project. 

You can also subscribe monthly to the Vegan Land Movement CIC.

If you would like to volunteer for tree planting or the yearly species counts then please email us at vlm@globalvegancrowdfunder.org

Bees on white flowers