Activism is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as ‘the use of direct and noticeable action to achieve a result, usually a political or social one.’

For many people who become vegan, activism is the next logical step. However, not everyone realises how easy it could be to use your voice and get your message heard!

Below is a selection of videos and articles surrounding activism to inspire!

Activism  Ted Talks
A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of Activism.
Britains countryside dominated by bullies
People who challenge shooting, hunting and the destruction of wildlife are too often treated like vermin
Japanese man prepares for landmark case against dolphin hunts
A man from Taiji, the Japanese fishing town whose annual slaughter of dolphins has drawn widespread condemnation, will appear in court on Friday in an unprecedented legal challenge to the hunts.
Trying to go plastic-free  with Hayley Pearce
In Plastic not Fantastic, Hayley - from BBC Three’s The Call Centre - road-tests a range of different products and routines to try to find realistic - and affordable - ways to live more sustainably. Here she shares the highs and lows of her plastic-free journey.
Vegan bought a 100 year old lobster to set him free
"£ pound lobster purchased by a vegan lady just to set him free
Welcome to the launch of the Big Vegan Count!
This brand new initiative in 2019 has 2 simple aims; to capture the number of vegans there are in the world using our Big Vegan Counter and to be the go-to demographics and statistics resource for you and the rest of your vegan community.
What I, a Vegan, Learned From Debating Animal Farmers Online
While I was personally attacked by some farmers, many attempted to actually teach me something.
Why are animal activists trespassing on farms? Because the industry polices itself
On a cold day in early March, animal activists trespassed onto a dairy farm in Southern Ontario. Making peace signs with their hands, wearing biohazard covers on their feet, their faces unmasked and visible, the dozen or so activists walked past farm staff and gave themselves a self-guided tour, live-streaming every moment online. The event left farm owner Lloyd Weber reportedly shaken up
XR Boycott Fashion
The fashion system is broken. Globally we produce up to 100 billion pieces of clothing a year, taking a terrible toll on the planet and people who make them.
The Washington Post
“Hope is something you need to deserve,” the 16-year-old from Sweden said in an interview with The Post, as she continues her push for global leaders to take more aggressive action.
The Economist
AS GLOBAL LEADERS prepare for the UN climate change summit next week, we debate what changes individuals can make today to help limit the effects of climate change.