We are great at finding new ways to spend our spare cash; whether on days out, the latest gadgets or that little indulgence, you just can’t do without!

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t treat yourself now and again, but we are asking you to make an ethical choice and invest in the future too!

Global Vegan Crowd Funder Ltd. requests donations in two ways;

  1. In support of individual projects
  2. In support of Global Vegan Crowd Funder

Projects, once vetted as per our user criteria, will be displayed and actively promoted by team GVCF. Visitors to the website will be able to find out about and choose to support any projects they wish.

Global Vegan Crowd Funder is run by volunteers. We have not received any investment from any outside interest. So far, we have covered all of our start-up costs, ourselves. However, in order to move forward, we will need further costs that include, but are not limited to;

  • upgrading our website to cater for further projects
  • upgrading equipment to share the workload
  • ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the website
  • marketing and visibility i.e leaflets
  • expenses i.e travel to vegan festivals and farmland
  • consultation of experts to assist transitioning farmland
  • personnel to assist in the day to day running
  • World Wide Veganics funding streams for rewilding and plant agriculture

One of the easiest ways to donate is to make a single, one-off donation. We think, if one million vegans donated £1 or the equivalent currency, we would be able to make this project take off. We would be able to commit ourselves, full time to assisting new businesses, transitioning existing businesses and promoting efforts to rewild and repair the earth.

For those that wish to support our ongoing efforts, there is the option to make recurring, monthly donations of any amount.

We commit to sharing our progress and use of donations via this website and accompanying YouTube channel, GVCF.

On request, we would be happy to provide a written analysis of what we have intended for your donation of £20 or over.

Donations of £100 or more will be featured on our website homepage, where there is agreement. We aim to work alongside donors of £100 or more, (where they are able or would like), to choose a primary path for their donation, i.e. if the donor is passionate about animals, we would want to show how our efforts improved the rights, welfare and experiences of animals through the purchasing of land to transition away from animal agriculture. If the donor is open to the idea, we would like to do a mini story about how they came to be inspired to donate; this may remain anonymous, should the donor wish.