About this project

Global Vegan Crowd Funder (GVCF) is a not-for-profit platform that enables those who care to work together to change how things are done. Sharing funds; sharing ideas; sharing knowledge. A crowdfunding platform run by vegans, for vegan projects and initiatives!

Save the world
GVCF envisages a world where the biosphere is allowed to flourish again. Where animals are respected. Where humans live in vibrant communities.

There are four pillars of this vision: Crowdfunding eco/ethical-vegan projects; Research and Resource Library. Networking and Education.

Our aim is to generate the change needed to create a compassionate, sustainable and ecological new narrative, for how we grow and produce food and care for our earth and its complex, endangered, biodiversity.
“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it"
Robert Swan
Alongside being a crowd funder for vegan projects, we will build a network for the global vegan community to come together to create and promote lasting change. We aim to give everyone the opportunity to be and feel included; we want this to be a place where vegans can join together, to talk, relax, discuss, learn, share, create and form ideas, to be inspired and to inspire, but most of all to be welcome.

With resource pages for the latest news and research on the climate, pollution, species loss, health and nutrition, a section dedicated to veganic farming and much more, we will make a difference in this world! Please consider donating so we can continue to fund the change this world needs.


Our dedicated fundraising platform helps new projects find their funders. Unlike other sites, we are guided by strong ethical principles, and keep the fee to a minimum – we want to support good works, not profit from it. We will take only enough to cover our running costs, any surplus would be ploughed back into projects and cooperative/collective land buy back.

We encourage all kinds of projects – particularly those that aim to buy back pasture land for vegan or rewilding projects.

If the world went vegan, we would gain an area the size of Africa for rewilding. This has unparalleled opportunities for capturing carbon and restoring wildlife populations.
Global Vegan Crowd Funder: Saving our Earth with Every Donation!


For more information please email contact@globalvegancrowdfunder.org

Save the world