Meet The Team


Gina grew up in Kent within a family passionate about nature, her childhood was full of many wild creatures that shared her life.

After leaving Art college where she studied Spatial Design, Gina spent most of her 20’s and 30s running a design business in London and growing food and practising permaculture systems in her spare time.

In 1999, Gina left the rat race of the city and moved to a remote village in the far north of Scotland where she rebuilt a derelict Watermill and became an ecological builder.  She has spent the last 17 years living very simply without running water and miles from all other amenities and people.  During this time, she completed a permaculture design course and studied Ecology, Soil Ecology and Systems Theory online.

Gina is an avid food forager and is an advocate for simplistic living. She has worked at several primary schools creating Edible Ecosystems and designed a nature book to help children reconnect with the wild.

In 2018 Gina bought the assignation of an 80 acre Highland Croft (Highland Veganics) along with 100+ acres of common grazing, the latter being rewilded under a Native Forest Scheme project managed by Trees For Life.  The 80 acre croft is being designed as the first Vegan Plant protein croft in Crofting history.

Gina is happiest when out on wild tracks riding her bike or doing her daily yoga practice in front of the fire. She believes that until we see that all life has intrinsic value we will never know peace!


Arthur's early career saw him undertake the role of Blue button on the London Stock Exchange; an environment in which he thrived given it consisted more of drinking & socialising than actual work!  The city changed out of all recognition over the next ten years, and after big bang, the crash & computerisation he was unfortunately made redundant.

With a young family to support Arthur found whatever work he could, drifting from one position to another until falling into Facilities. Getting frustrated rather quickly with contractors, Arthur soon moved into maintenance, and to this day will try his hand at anything, from Bricklaying through electrical & carpentry work to plumbing & my latest, least adept skill cabinetry.

Arthur is perhaps happiest of all, when alone or with his Shar-pei, in nature with no phone and no distractions other than bird song and my own thoughts.

Arthur became vegan in July 2018, and through this new alignment of his life, has found a new purpose and a potential answer to the problems he has become increasingly concerned about over the last few decades; namely humankind’s determination to destroy the very planet which is our home. With the coming together of this eclectic group of inspired, passionate individuals, Arthur believes he has found the purpose he was looking for.

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